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The 2B Technology Resource Outlet featured renewed, refurbished and even some items that we can only recommend that you use for spare parts. Our goal is to help those with budget constraints to find the equipment they need to complete their project while sticking to their budget.

What is the difference between renewed, refurbished, and “parts only”?

Renewed Items – These items are generally returned items, not in original packaging, but still in fantastic condition. These items are either in perfect condition or have almost no wear/tear.

Refurbished Items – These items have generally been retired, pulled from use, or replaced by newer equipment. They generally have wear and tear from use by end users.

Renewed and Refurbished Items have all been evaluated by our staff, cleaned, restored, and/or tested by our staff

Parts Only – These items are as a whole are beyond their useful lifespan, however some of the individual components could still be used for repairing another device. These items are not ready and should not be used in any production environment.

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